learn THE cAMERA

Once upon a time...

 I taught high school photography and loved it! 

This class is for beginners and a personalized experience to learn the basics. You'll learn everything about your camera and the basics of photography. 

1 hour | $50


Put the basics to practice!

Are you having creative block or looking to create more content? Welcoming mentees and shadow to tag along on upcoming weddings, events, and sessions. We will practice basic concepts in the field with instruction and critique.

1 hour | $50

Lightroom & web design

Editing and web design can be difficult and sometimes you need extra eyes.


I'm here to help!

I have experience in teaching Lightroom Classic and Photoshop. In 1 hour, my goal is to make you more confident in your artistic ability and taking your pictures and website to the next level.


1 hour | $40 

BEE creative

Did I mention, I'm a bee keeper? I provide pollinating services to farms around Knoxville, TN through my other business- Wholesome Hives. 

I'm happy to educate on bees as well as teach MACRO photography!

1 hour | $50