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When you book with me you get so much more than someone who shows up and clicks a button. I strive to help each and every one of my clients dream session come to life. I am just as excited as you are for your session and every step leading up to it- whether that's booking flights for your national park elopement or driving through the smoky mountains for your family session. I'm here to make your photography dreams happen!

There are a ton of talented portrait photographers in Tennessee, and it can feel overwhelming to find the right fit for you and your partner or family. I appreciate you even considering me! Whether or not you choose me to capture your memories, I would consider the following while on your search: 

QUALITY: Does it make you say wow? Is the body of work one of a kind? Photography is an investment, but it's one that lasts forever (especially for a wedding day - it's the only vendor you choose who's product lasts beyond the event.)
PERSONALITY: Whether you're investing in an all-day wedding photographer, or one that will be with you for a short session, connection is important! Scheduling a phone call or facetime to get a feel for your photographer's personality can be a key factor in making your decision. 
TIMELESSNESS: Does the work have longevity? Will it last for generations? When I'm creating portraits, I consider my work as heirlooms that will live on for generations. I want them to remain timeless in style, color, and quality. 

I'm right for you if...

You desire photos with depth and emotion. 

You love candid captures as much as posed ones. 

You want photographs that accurately capture your personality. 

You enjoy outdoor adventures. 

You need someone to put you at ease while in front of the camera. 

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